2020 Preview: The Next 12 Months of John Ward

Hello, World Champions.

A new post on the website – I know, crazy. Here – like the Discord, and even the Channel to some degree – there hasn’t been much activity of late.

That’s about to change.

November 3rd marks one year until the 2020 election – no one needs to be told the importance of taking it seriously. So, in the spirit of the channel, and of America-as-intended, we’re going to get serious.

… In a sense.

The most popular video content will continue – we’ll certainly enjoy many commentaries on countless liberal meltdowns, fails, and self-immolations. You can also expect more “cinematic” content, sometimes similar to the popular 2020 Trailer, sometimes musical, sometimes collaborative – but I’ll be placing increasing emphasis on your participation in the coming year.

Don’t let your memes be dreams!

But John,” you say – “…MY participation? How?”

2020 – this November 3rd through the election, to be precise – is going to be your final chance to leave your mark on one of the most important eras in human history. At risk of sounding hyperbolic, I might suggest (and it will always remain but a suggestion, which is the entire point) that generations from now, the fighters of today will be Founding Fathers of tomorrow, heroes to those who inherit the outcome of our actions and decisions – those who inherit our victory with gratitude, exactly as we (most of us, anyway) understand and appreciate the sacrificial genius of our own Founding Fathers …

There is no true achievement, true glory – true American – without actual risk; such is the price of Freedom, and the cost of Greatness. Acting only after Trump locks down a second term will render you a coward to the clear eyes of the future.

I would very much like each and every one of you to be able to look back from your death bed (or down from whatever afterlife to which you subscribe) with that paradoxically humble pride that is uniquely American – to be able to say, “This is the article I wrote,” or “These are the memes I made” – with a knowing smile, surrounded by young patriots of your own making.

This is your chance. Now – and never again.

One chance.

You don’t have to dox yourself to become one of these heroes – by all means create a nom de plume, or a cover, or a clever misdirection. You needn’t bankrupt yourself, nor throw yourself onto the infected pikes of leftism – you need but contribute something more than nothing, as a creator.

The real estate I can personally provide consists mostly of this website – articles, funny or serious; artwork, memetic or otherwise; music, research, fact-checking bullshit, podcasts, videos, books… what you decide to contribute will be limited only by the size of your balls and the girth of your revolutionary spirit. You must be familiar with WordPress – which is within reach of anyone willing to spend an hour looking at tutorials – and you must be entirely self-directed. There will also be opportunities for curators/editors – a good way to contribute if you’re not a creator by nature.

There is also a place for patronage – and I don’t mean of myself, but of any creators, meme warriors, indie journalists et. al. that you enjoy. And I also don’t mean in large sums or grand gestures – taking my channel as an example, just $1 per year per subscriber would give us a budget of almost $200K. The content that would result from that kind of support would be truly unbelievable, in the best possible way. Think Hollywood movies are shit? Why don’t we make one? Tired of trying to find good modern literature? Let’s publish something. Perhaps your greatest contribution to the coming year will be the re-evalution of where a fraction of your “fun money” goes – because as we stand, many of us are, in essence, directly funding our enemy.

I can’t make you do what I’d like you to do – and wouldn’t if I could. This is something you must decide for yourself: To cast aside any and everything you didn’t decide – your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your country of origin; all those petty and meaningless little bullshitteries thrust upon us by the lesser half of our species – to engage with, and thus become, an idea rather than a thing; a verb, rather than a noun.

America is an idea not bounded by its literal borders – it moves through you, every bit as much as you move through It. It is the only “globalist” concept worth pursuing – to the death – united in the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. There are no more unexplored corners of our planet to which the Free can escape – so we must stand our ground, and we must win.

We have the honor to stand at our own Thermopylae – again on behalf of Justice, Reason, Truth, and Freedom.

Molon Labe. Bitch.

We think ourselves “World Champions.”

This year, we earn it.

If you would like to contribute content to this website – including promoting your own channels, MAGA-centric artwork/music, etc. – please reach out using the Contact Page – include a brief description of what you’d like to post, and how familiar you are with the WordPress platform. I will curate submissions until I feel an individual has the process down, at which point I will turn you loose with ever-increasing freedom to post whatever you want, at whatever pace works for you.

If you feel you would be a good curator of a certain category of content (and have a self-driven interest in doing so), please follow the same process.

Consider joining the Official John Ward Discord, which can only be accessed through the right-hand sidebar of this site. There are already a number of World Champions collaborating on original content/spirited discussion – you can also post questions you might have directly to me in the Ask John channel.

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