Corrupted Song Files Fix – Downloads

A small number of people who purchased the Feels Good Man LP got a glitched early version that wasn’t supposed to be released – because these are big files and in the event anyone runs into this issue in the future, I am posting fixes to the three offending tracks publicly, here, with free downloads:

FYI all purchases of more than on album after the first album are 50% off if you want to send a copy to a friend or troll a liberal. If anyone has any further issues with any of this, or spent money on their own work-around, please get in touch and we’ll find a way to make you whole.

To wit: If you didn’t catch the initial tweet, streaming service distribution (iTunes, Spotify etc) is delayed because the album art apparently breaks industry rules for having “LP” written on it. When streaming is available, I will post the relevant links.



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