The Meyer Report

by Pete Meyer

Let’s be clear.

  1. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He is a successful American businessman who became President of the United States. It pissed off a lot of people.
  1. America is the greatest civilized nation state that ever existed, world-wide. Whether by hook or crook, or accident of geography and race, America is the greatest nation state ever.
  1. Now what? Let’s start from the beginning.

The Beginning

In the beginning there was Obama, and Obama was in charge. He was elected President of the United States in 2008 and reigned over this great country for 8 years. It was Camelot II, the Kennedy succession of American Political Domination. Make no mistake, not all Presidents had the power of Kennedy or Obama, maybe Reagan but he never had the media. It is intoxicating, especially if you come from certain places and don’t have certain disciplines.

Camelot I ended in disaster, assassination, death and war, couldn’t get much worse. Then the 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s, decades of indifference. America was a rock n roll band after Vietnam that just kept playing at different venues. It was a machine that fed on itself. Not to be too critical, there are always men who see and try, but sometimes the tide is too strong, things get pulled along through time.

Then we get to 2015, the power year of Camelot II. What to do? How to keep the dream alive. Barry certainly didn’t like Hilary but she was his only choice. The decades of America’s diffidence didn’t leave many choices as successors. The alternative was unthinkable, a Republican successor. That could never happen.

Every story has a cast of characters. Once the characters are revealed and the plot unfolds, the reader need only know that every character will be who he or she is. They can’t escape their fate.

This story starts with a star studded cast- Barry, Hilary, Clapper, Brennan and Comey. The year is 2015, Trump did his escalator dance and the Republican Primaries are in full swing, with their own very justifiable cast of characters themselves.

But in 2015, the characters that matter are the ones in power and each one of them played a role in what unfolded. As a fly on the wall, the meeting would have been interesting- How to ensure Hilary gets elected, despite the fact that nobody likes her, not even Bill as evidenced. How to ensure the Camelot legacy endures, it ain’t about left or right, it’s about power and living with power, being the one. It is intoxicating.

So as 2016 dawns, the race is on; the Kentucky Derby couldn’t be more fixed in favor of Hilary, but, just in case, a man had an idea. A man in power had an idea. A man with an intelligence background, who isn’t a moron, had an idea. Later it became the Insurance Policy, but in the beginning it was just a back up plan, a close knit intel op to ensure complete victory and maybe even crush the Republican candidate after he loses.

It was all fiction, but the best stories are. They paid for it, money talks, and they used foreign assets who used other foreign assets who used us. Frankly, that probably falls under many US Statutes, The Federal Code of US Justice. The American Media should be ashamed they missed this, most of them anyway.

This man, James Clapper, tells his boss Barry, that with Brennan and Comey, henchman and flunky, they can create a narrative based on only the slimmest of truth that the Republican candidate conspired with the Russian government or their operatives. The idea was beautiful in its simplicity. The Russians were fucking with the election, they always do, now, just spin it.  

The Republican candidate ended up being Donald Trump, bad for them good for us. For, had Bush, Cruz or Rubio been the candidate, Clapper would’ve crucified them. They were easy pickings.

By all accounts, Donald Trump was easy pickings too, a neophyte in politics with a storied, very public history. He was rich too, easy target. Clapper was wrong, I bet Barry is pissed.

From this meeting, or series of meetings, Clapper and Brennan probably hatched the idea, but it needed approval. A very common and well known fact about the Obama administration is that all decisions went through the White House. Micromanagement is a key discouraging method to quell individual thought or action. Always watched, always judged.

So, Barry’s role in all this, being King Arthur, gave the nod. Barry said, “Keep it tight, but run with it.” These were his closest and best advisers. The scandal and carnage that ensued from this small back up plan/intel op, eventual circus investigation and arrogance of power, will go down in American History as the greatest American Government scandal of our history, Civil War excluded. Barack Obama gave approval for this, make no mistake that any of this wasn’t approved at the highest levels, many are complicit. We lived through interesting times.

On a side note, the idea had merit, the Russians are always the bad guys. But if I were Clapper, I would have gone with the Mafia. Trump is a NY Real Estate Developer and Builder, Hollywood Businessman character. He’s not James Bond.

The Mafia, while also being fiction, would have been more believable. But Clapper is a foreign intel guy so he went with the Russians, the Russian angle tags Clapper as the mastermind, characters revealing who they are. To be clear, not only is Brennan a henchman, he’s a moron and a stooge. As the plot unfolds, the characters reveal themselves more. It’s inescapable.

As 2016 looms, the twilight of Camelot II, as Trump shreds his Republican competitors, center stage at every debate, the Idea, that small back up plan gets more focused. After all, Hillary is their horse and she is a walking horror story.

As 2016 unfolds, the scandals against Hilary, very legitimate scandals, decades of being in power, gain traction. These scandals elevated the small intel op now into an investigation, albeit a completely fictional investigation because it all started from a made up intel op, but an investigation brings in the next two characters, Loretta Lynch and James Comey, the AG and the FBI Director. Basically, pawns and future stooges.

To be perfectly clear, the differences between an Operation and an Investigation are huge. An operation pokes and prods and seeks information, or makes things up. An investigation reveals facts, what happened, who did what, when, where and why. An investigation based on a fictional operation, with willing participants, is basically what the Russia Hoax is. The media should have been more vigilant.

Now, who can know either of their minds, Lynch is a sycophant, pretty easy, but Comey is a wild card, also the future stooge, right in front of Brennan. So they are brought in the fold. The results of the Op are revealed, Russian interference in an American election (not like this hasn’t been happening since Lenin, but) and Comey jumped on board, hook, line and sinker.

Maybe he loved Hilary, that’s a stretch, who could? Maybe he hated Trump, that’s a stretch too, not enough overlap. Maybe he was an idealist who likes to stare at the sky around tall trees. That’s probably likely. Good stooge material, that he lasted this long is amazing.

Comey exonerates Hilary, the famous or notorious July 2016 declination press conference, where he details everything she did wrong, which is substantial and improper, and then he assumes the role of US Attorney announcing Hilary had no intent and will not be prosecuted, (I guess FBI Director isn’t a heavy enough hat). Lynch recused herself after meeting with Bill on the tarmac, the sycophant behavior. Just writing about it reveals how easy these two became stooges. It’s a little amusing.

The whole Idea was unraveling, just needed time, and discussing the future administration under Hilary and golf and grandchildren was Lynch’s cover story. Lynch told Bill, Hilary is free and clear to run for the President of the United States with a special blessing from the Department of Justice. James Comey being a good soldier.

“We know you’re a fuck-up, but you’re our fuck-up, go beat Trump.” That should have been Comey’s talking points directed at Hilary. She didn’t, she is that much of a fuck up, couldn’t win a rigged election, after a rigged primary against Bernie. How sad is that?

At the time, it seemed normal, that’s what they were hoping for, but everything about it was wrong and it kept unraveling. That day should have been the day Hilary got arrested and brought before the people for her crimes, primarily for being stupid.

She would have rolled like a Dunkin Donut, missed opportunities. Why this happened is because of Camelot II and the legacy, there is a movement that will propagate unless checked. Pay attention to intentions, mind sets, and philosophies.

The weakest link in the entire reshape America plan was Hilary, so they propped her up. Then they continued the attacks against Trump, pulling out all stops, CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood- the intel op/inv gained more traction and they recruited more agents into their plan. Their mistake. Sometimes you have to wonder, if you just let things play out what would happen? Forcing the cards always gets scrutiny.

The problem with a conspiracy is the more people who know, the more people know. The insurance policy for any conspiracy is to win, which unfortunately they didn’t do. Fucking Donald Trump. Did they underestimate him? I don’t think so. Were they arrogant? Absolutely. The Plan, the Idea, the Insurance Policy was intended to destroy Donald Trump after he LOST to Hilary. This is very important, that the mind set that engineered this charade thought Hilary would win, knew Hilary would win. She didn’t, good for us, bad for them.

But as Trump gained attention during the general election, the secondary goal of the Idea was to destroy Trump, and his family, his business, his wealth, after Hilary won. It would be easy. The wheels of power would spin with the same driver. This is important. Had Hilary won, everything we know about what happened would have been covered, the powers that could have been would have destroyed an American Patriot and his family, and all who associate with them (they actually accomplished some of the latter).

The sadness is the depths of lies and deceit. The joy is they lost.

Part Two: The President and the Aftermath

There are many Jedi mind tricks. Unfortunately for the democrats, Donald Trump, who apparently didn’t even plan to win the election but just expand his brand, who didn’t go to every fucking state in the nation and talk to every American he possibly could. 80 percent of life is showing up, old cliche, Trump brought the other 20, plus more.

He overwhelmed the deep state, the silent bureaucracy. As it happened, it was amazing. Good for us, bad for them. Texts to follow.

Early November, 2016, Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States in grand fashion. The 45th American President is Donald Trump. History can only record. Early November, 2016, and the whole world changed. Everything that was supposed to happen, didn’t. The civil agreement we have we each other dictated that Donald Trump was now the President of the United States.

Talk about turmoil and knowing the rules.

Let’s go to the two months in between, November-January, 2016-2017. President Elect to the real fucking President. Trump had no problem assuming the mantle, the office. In fact, he was prepared.

Back to our cast of characters, Barry gets quiet, the end is near, dignity is his last refuge. He doesn’t deserve it. He does walk away quietly though. He knows he made a bad deal. He had it all, he did it it all. His faith must have quieted him.

But the others, they were invested. It ain’t over till it’s over. The Insurance Policy kicked in full force. The mission- destroy the current President of the United States.

Don’t take this lightly, many people think this way and still do. I believe there were people in certain positions who acted on this horrible concept. An idea that blossomed into action. Give me a match, I think the tank’s empty. Famous last words.

That’s how it happens, then people get on board. The cast expands, let’s bring in the FBI and the DOJ. Here we go, McCabe, Strzok, Page, the Ohr’s. People in Power. People telling other people what to do, how to think. This is important. This was a Big Investigation. The only thing that mattered was finding the evidence for a nonexistent crime. The media helped.

But Donald Trump won. New boss. Not a candied ass politician either. Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States. He is an arrogant man. He has his own ideas. He doesn’t hesitate. Donald Trump is Donald Trump, he planned for this.

America has a new president, a lot of people don’t like it. Already, there are people and pieces in place. The Idea has evolved. Now, it is an Insurance Policy. Pull out all stops. Let’s confront this retard and be done with it. But Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

The Marine Corps teaches mission first, troop welfare second. It is a true course of action. Both sides sacrifice their pawns.

As time goes goes by, President Trump makes the country stronger. The opposition continues their path. The country is divided, almost as much as Civil War times. Nothing about war is civil, nothing about politics is civil. Nothing about making a difference is civil. And yet we engage against each other, says something.

As time goes by, pretty critical information. It happens and it did. The idea, the insurance policy, grew into the Russia investigation. Any intelligent being recognized the sour grapes, but we had CNN and MSNBC.

And, it gained traction. The Cast of Characters expanded. What began from a nod from Barry Obama, turned into an American Fraud of gigantic proportions. Apparently, against a giant in his own right. Probably need a referee.

Enter Robert Mueller. I’m not a details guy, but he has the creds, he lived the life. What was at stake when he accepted the position of Special Prosecutor was his honor.

An honorable man will always take a challenge, honorable men do that. And so he did. But, the narrative, the media spin, was the third combatant. It became a killing field, because of the media.

Robert Mueller had no choice. As history writes it, is he a piece of shit? Yeah, probably. But he did his job. He shouldn’t have taken the job. He fucked up on employee selections. But he did his job.

What did Trump do while all this bullshit, media blitzkrieg, trying to destroy him bullshit was happening? What did Trump do? He did two years as the American President. His record speaks for itself. Actually, Trump speaks for himself. Trump begs to be judged on his voice and his record. He will.

Details are for others. It’s enough to say that Trump won.

The thing about winning is it’s streaky. It flies on, looking up and down. It’s a good place to be while it lasts, but it doesn’t last. It is a battle of ideas and wills.

The funny thing about all of this is America. We seem to be a stomping ground for ideas, for philosophy. Right or wrong, it’s who we are. We are and we keep changing and becoming. It pisses off most of the world.

Is America America? That’s the real question. Who wants to destroy this land? Who wants to support this land? This is land I live on. Globalists can go fuck themselves, people without a county. This is my land. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. All who imperil this great endeavor be damned, you will lose. Because your ideas are cheap and stupid.

Americans have other notions.

I’m Pete Meyer and I wrote this.

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