Donations/Patronage Notice

Hello, World Champions –

I’ve gotten a number of comments that there have been issues making donations. From my end, there is a huge amount of transactions that are unresolved, which is likely a PayPal issue.

If you’ve made a donation (or think you’ve made a donation) – particularly a recurring subscription – please take a moment to check if it’s being processed as you intended. When I look at the back end almost one in five transactions is stalling out and failing without being processed.

I also understand many people don’t have or want to use PayPal – there will be a credit card work-around shortly. For those wondering why I use this site instead of Patreon or Subscribestar – in addition to keeping more of your donation (both of the former take a substantial cut), it allows be to be independent of these corrupted methods of funding a YouTube channel.

I want to quickly apologize for the disorganized state of affairs – there are a number of things in the works behind the scenes. These are wrapping up for now, and regular content will resume shortly.

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