MARCH FOR LIFE is a seven-part series of videos that covers the various elements of the situation surrounding the Covington Catholic high school students and the 2019 March For Life.

MARCH FOR LIFE is a seven-part series of videos that covers the various elements of the situation surrounding the Covington Catholic high school students and the 2019 March For Life.

PART 1 – “Covington Catholic Lawyer Murders Dozens”

Trial lawyer Robert Barnes, working on behalf of the Covington Catholic minors who were attacked by the Mainstream Media – pro bono – took social media by surprise and slash or storm when he exploded on Twitter with direct threats of libel lawsuits to multiple media personalities. Among his targets were The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, World Record Of Losing holder Kathy Griffin, CNN clown S.E. Cupp, and Minnesotastan politician Ilhan Omar. Though the repercussions of this colossal media failure will echo for decades to come, those interested in the March For Life 2019 scandal in whole will enjoy this light introduction to the evolving saga, hopefully making the coming details at least a little more palatable.

PART 2 – “Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips Isn’t Vietnam Vet… But Is He Human?!”

Less than a week removed from the coordinated oops I mean random incident at the 2019 March For Life – A group of underage high school kids from Covington Catholic on vacation to support “maybe not killing babies” – the details of lose-hero Nathan Phillips’ weird, uncomfortable reality have begun to emerge. Nathan Phillips is the name – maybe – of the Jessie Pinkman client you might have seen whacking a dead cat stretched over a frisbee on a flaming dumpster that has confused itself for a television network. You know – the Native American “Vietnam Veteran” who was just minding his own business when an unexpected clique of 300,000 people rolled up in his otherwise upstanding grill. It turns out Nathan Phillips is a huge fan of Valor, but can’t afford to pay for it. Not only is he not a veteran, but his limited time in the military was restricted to brig time for going AWOL and failing to fix refrigerators.

PART 3 – “Enter The Sandmann”

A week removed from the weird, desperate, and probably felonious attempt at destroying the lives of “Oh hey, some kids,” and the MSM is ready to move on. So too has the normie goldfish attention span robbed the otherwise unbelievable crime of momentum – and any channels still covering the Covington Catholic/Nathan Phillips/Black Hebrew Israelites shenanigans are getting hamstrung or – like this one – outright demonetized. But – what actually happened, and why? In Part 3 of the March For Life mini-series – “Enter the Sandmann” – we meet the boy and slash or god at the epicenter of the hurricane: Nick Sandmann.

PART 4 – “The Gaseous Explosion of the Whale Carcass That Is Ana Navarro”

CNN darling and slash or overweight cetacean Ana Navarro raised a few eyebrows recently when she aloofly filed her nails in response to the news “Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants.” Now that The Sandmann has entered stage right – towing “oh-hey-nice-lawyers-you-got-there” – Navarro has been one of the few propagandists oops I mean journalists to risk crippling libel lawsuits to pursue the debunked liberal fan fiction that the Covington Catholic students had done anything wrong whatsoever at the 2019 March For Life. Today, in Part 4, we review the strange and possibly infected origins of the whale carcass sometimes erroneously referred to as “Ana Navarro,” and the possible outcome of her arachnid clutching at black market plastic straws.

PART 5 – “The Matriarchy”

Nietzsche, the Notorious A-B-E, and some theory on the underlying cause of the Covington Catholic media fiasco at the 2019 March For Life.

PART 6 – “Tucker Carlson Ends Monica Klein’s Career”

As the girthy legal shadow of the Tsunami of Righteousness finally begins to fall on the panicky lemmings of the liberal American media, we use Part 6 of our MARCH FOR LIFE series to do a case study on the comorbidity of feminism and debilitating developmental disorders. Under the spotlight of her first dance recital is feminist and possible antichrist Monica Klein, who uses both Tucker Carlson’s conservative platform and genuine line of questioning to launch into what is best understood as three and a half minutes of somehow vomiting into her own mouth.

PART 7 – “Native Americans”

While the story will certainly continue – into the legal vaporization of half the mainstream media – Part 7 bring the MARCH FOR LIFE series to a close. In this final video we once more step back and look at maybe the fundamental problem underlying all the animus between the two poles of the political spectrum: What is a “Native American”? Not stolen valor, lying Nathan Phillips, surely – but what about sixteen year old Kentucky natives like Nick Sandmann? … what about you?

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