Thank You, and some Notes for World Champions

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past few days.

There are also a few notes on subscriptions, changes, and opportunities for writers/creators for any interested World Champions.

Thank You.

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past few days. It means a lot and reflects more support than I had realized I had. I look forward to continuing to create as much quality content as possible, and appreciate your assistance in finding a work-around to the ridiculous censorship of conservative voices on social media.

Now, some notes:


So, there’s a website now – and it’s almost entirely empty. I thought this would be a good opportunity to invite anyone who has any kind of content to share to – well, share it. If you have or would like to create: Articles, Journalism, Research, Artwork, Music, or anything else publishable to a website – feel free to get in touch and we’ll go from there. This will be a self-directed, unpaid arrangement in the immediacy for obvious reasons, but should this site become the hub it’s intended to be, I would be happy to hire quality contributors or solicit paid guest spotlights pending the channel’s finances.


I set this alternative up personally in an effort to get free of YouTube/Patreon dependency – but there’s a chance your payment was suspended by an initial glitch in the code (fixed), which resulted in your subscription/donation being processed. This only happened between donations 1 and 7 – so if you weren’t one of the first few, this notice excludes you (and thanks!).

As of posting this article, you should be able to see receipts/payment history by hovering over the “Support” link on the menu and clicking “Donation History.” This page will be custom to the individual supporter. You should be able to use it to look up and print receipts – IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES ON THIS END OR WITH ANY OTHER ASPECT OF THE DONATION PROCESS, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AND I WILL FIX, CANCEL OR REFUND THE TRANSACTION IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve noticed a number of transactions remain “pending” through PayPal – this could be genuine suspended transactions or individuals who closed the page after second thoughts, but given the censorship track record of PayPal I’d also suggest double checking your transaction went through – these can also be refunded or cancelled at your request.


So… ever thought about advertising?

Joking aside, demonetization has opened up some unique opportunities for mentions, sponsorships, pre-roll/in-line ads, and all sorts of other fun marketing real estate. I have almost universally avoided pursuing these types of business relationships in the past (not for lack of excellent businesses but from a purely personal philosophy), but sooner or later there will be a necessity for revenue and I no longer have access to Google’s ad network.

I am very much interested in resolving this problem both in videos and on this website (once we figure out what it’s going to be) – there are a number of ways to do this that should be unsurprising to anyone who’s ever advertised online – mentions, sponsorships, etc. – but I would prefer to limit it to a low number of long-term, fruitful professional relationships.

If you own a business and/or have something to promote and would like to do so in this way, please contact the channel email to initiate a discussion or read more about advertising on the John Ward channel here.


If you’re a content creator/meme warrior, please contact the channel and we’ll find the best way to get you as much exposure as we can. If you’d like to be featured in some way, regularly contribute, cross-post content, or anything of that nature – I’m all about it.

Just please don’t send me garbage, and don’t be a random person who whipped up a meme for the first time. There are plenty of places to have casual fun – including the John Ward forum, which I apparently added but have no intention of regulating – but I’m only interested in promoting creators/channels who are serious and have a proven history (thus evidencing their long-term efforts). I don’t care if you have six subs or two followers if you’ve been active, but I won’t post or promote content from tourists.


If I understand this correctly, I believe I can roll you into the donation service as a separate account – the software is paid for and I’m more than happy to use it on your behalf if you’ve been censored, demonetized, or just want to get off Patreon/Subscribestar.

I will obviously vet your story, which should already be more than obvious – so don’t be retarded.


I hope this site not just makes up for the absurd behavior over at YouTube, but ultimately adds a new layer of enjoyment to your World Champion experience. By all means, jump in the forum and completely ruin it, shoot me a rage-email, or start drafting the first blog post of your Great American Serial Novel.

It’s impossible to know where we go from here – but we can be sure we will go there as World Champions.



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